Biotechnology And Nanotechnology In Food

Nano-biotechnology, bio-nanotechnology, and Nano biology are terms that allude to the convergence of nanotechnology and biology. Given that the subject is one that has just developed as of late, bio nanotechnology and Nano biotechnology fill in as cover terms for different related advancements. This order demonstrates the merger of organic research with different fields of nanotechnology. Ideas that are improved through Nano biology include: Nano devices, (for example, organic machines), nanoparticles, and Nano scale wonders that happens inside the order of nanotechnology. This specialized way to deal with science enables researchers to envision and make frameworks that can be utilized for natural research. Naturally roused nanotechnology utilizes organic frameworks as the motivations for advancements not yet created. However, similarly as with nanotechnology and biotechnology, bio-nanotechnology has numerous potential moral issues related with it.


  • Microbial Food Biotechnology
  • Improving Food Nutrition
  • Genetically Modified Foods and its Impacts
  • Nanomaterial in Food Packaging
  • Production of Food Stuffs

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