Biotechnology Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

 Entrepreneurship is to a large degree a mind-set, always striving to do new things in an innovative and better way. The  biotechnology entrepreneur often starts with a technical background most commonly including scientific laboratory research. It is quite common for scientists who have spent a number of years in an academic environment to start a new company based on a technology platform or a novel discovery they made during their tenure at a university or research institute. Alternatively, a scientist or a group of scientists from a rather large company may decide to leave and start their own venture based on some of the research and development work they had either performed or thought about doing for their previous employer. A less frequent but still relatively common phenomenon is the start-up of a new venture by someone with a stronger background in business than in science. All of these individuals may receive financial support from venture capitalists, people who provide funding for new businesses in return for a share in future profits.

  • What Is Entrepreneurship?
  • Entrepreneurial Opportunities
  • Entrepreneurial Resources
  • Why Do Entrepreneurs Do It?
  • Entrepreneurial Risk and the Importance of Resilience and Persistence.

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