Biotechnology in Dentistry

Advances in biotechnology have provided surgeons an alternative to help accelerate alveolar bone regeneration and enhance soft tissue growth using concentrated blood serum. By utilizing a small volume of Platelet Rich Plasma (i-PRF) obtained from the patient’s own blood, doctors can now add it to extraction sites and bone graft material to yield a 3 dimensional biocompatible fibrin matrix that releases a host of naturally occurring growth factors which contribute to rapid healing and bone regeneration. Once the plasma fraction is activated they play a fundamental role in revascularization and bone tissue regeneration. They work to induce mitogenic and proliferative activity of osteoprogenitor cells and endothelial cells hence improving healing time and accelerating implant Osseointegration. Together they work to increase bone remineralisation, produce collagen, and promote blood vessel growth.

  • Nanodiagnostics
  • Nanomaterials in Dentistry
  • Dental Biomimetics
  • Nano Tissue Engineering
  • Role of Probiotics

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