Biotechnology in Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology is the science that covers all technologies required for producing, manufacturing and registration of biological drugs. Pharmaceutical Biotechnology is an increasingly important area of science and technology. It contributes in design and delivery of new therapeutic drugs, diagnostic agents for medical tests, and in gene therapy for correcting the medical symptoms of hereditary diseases. The Pharmaceutical Biotechnology is widely spread, ranging from many ethical issues to changes in healthcare practices and a significant contribution to the development of national economy. Biopharmaceuticals consists of large biological molecules which are proteins. They target the underlying mechanisms and pathways of a disease or ailment; it is a relatively young industry. They can deal with targets in humans that are not accessible with traditional medicines.

  • Biopharmaceuticals Discovery
  • Vaccines and Antibiotics
  • Pharmacogenomics (Personalized Medicine)
  • Bioimaging and Biomarkers
  • Technological and Clinical Aspects of Biopharmaceuticals
  • Clinical Research/Clinical Trials
  • Downstream Processing of Biopharmaceuticals

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