Biotechnology on Food processing

Food biotechnology is the application of technology to modify genes of animals, plants, and microorganisms to create new species which have desired production, marketing, or nutrition related properties. Genetically engineered (GE) or genetically modified (GM) foods, they are a source of an unresolved controversy over the uncertainty of their long-term effects on humans and food chains. Food biotechnology employs the tools of modern genetics to enhance beneficial traits, of plants, animals and microorganisms for food production. It involves adding or extracting select genes to achieve desired traits. The work currently being done with “golden rice” and the potential it has to help combat hunger and malnutrition related diseases. Purchase fruits and vegetables with increased antioxidant content that may reduce risk for cancer. Plant-made pharmaceuticals are the latest evolution within the realm of biotechnology.  As the name suggests, this process uses genetics to enable plants to produce protein-based medicines to treat diseases and save lives. Biotechnology of food by fermentation, using enzymes like α-amylase is being used to improve nutrition, enhance food safety and quality.

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