Body building and Protein Nutrition

Protein, a basic structure material of all cells, is also biologically active in enzymes, immunoglobulins, hormones, neurotransmitters, nutrient transport and storage compounds and cell membrane receptors. Protein is needed for muscle formation and enzymes are important in speeding up many body processes.

The US Food and Nutrition Board young adult daily RDA is 56 gms per day for men and 46 gma per day for women. Growth, pregnancy, lactation and exercise increases the demand for protein. The FNB acceptable macronutrient range is 10% to 35%.

Proteins are organic particles made up of Amino acids which are arranged on a three-dimensional structure. The amino acids are linked to each other by dipeptide bonding into primary, secondary and tertiary stucture to give a protein the three dimensional structure that are important for our body's functioning.

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