Breast Pathology and Management

Breasts are important as they act as accessory sex organs to the female reproductive system. Just as the other body parts go through diseases breasts also are infected with various kinds of diseases. Breast disease cause cysts, infections,lesions and lumps. These diseases can be painful as well as without pain in many cases. Some of these diseases can be benign and others can be malignant. Most of the comman breast diseases and infections are Baterial Mastitis, Fibrocystic Breast Disease, Chronic Subareolar Abscess, Tuberculosis of the breast, Actinomycosis of the breast and breast engorgement. The breast gives out various symptoms if it has been going through some disease. The symptoms can be lumps in the breast region, inversion of the nipple, breast skin change and secretion from the breast. Nowadays many women are heavily being affected by breast cancer due to the lifestyle they are leading. Major causes of breast cancer includes smoking, drinking alchohol, usage of oral contraceptive pills. Breast cancer can be also be caused due to uterine cancer and cervical cancer. Women from early age should self breast examine at regular intervals and have mammography regularly. Women above the age of 40years and majorly menopausal women are at  a greater risk of getting breast cancer. Pathological tests like Mammograms, biopsy, breast cancer index test, breast physical exam, digital tomosynthesis, breast mri, endopredict test  are all done to access and detect diseases of the breast.

  • Breast Cancer
  • Mondor’s disease
  • Paget’s disease of the breast
  • Breast atrophy and hypertropy

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