Cancer and Chemical Carcinogenesis

Cancer is associated with abnormal cell growth which has a potential of spreading to other parts of the body. Any substances or exposures (chemical, biological or physical) which can result in to cancer are known as carcinogens. If accumulation of these substances occurs in large amount in human body, for a longer period of time, it may lead to cell damage ultimately resulting in the formation of cancerous cells.


Out of the enormous toxic agents present in the environment chemicals occupy the first place and result in the carcinogenicity. The carcinogens enter the body and result in the step by step process of destruction and finally result in the alteration of the DNA and results in the death of the cells. Chemical carcinogenesis is one of the most complex processes which take place in the human body.


  • Cancer
  • Models Involved in Carcinogenesis
  • Oncogenes and Tumour Suppresor Genes
  • Mutagenicity
  • Teratogenicity

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