Cancer and Rehabilitation

Cancer as a disease process reminds us often unexpectedly of our mortality. It frequently compromises our patient's vitality. It is also a burden emotionally and physically on family, friends, significant others, community, and other social resources. Cancer rehabilitation helps a person with cancer regain and improve the abilities that may have changed after cancer treatment. The goal of rehabilitation is to help a person remain as independent and productive as possible. Rehabilitation can improve the quality of life for people with cancer by improving physical strength to help offset limitations caused by cancer and cancer treatment, increasing a person’s ability to care for himself or herself and reducing support needed from caregivers and also reducing the need to stay at a hospital. Many cancer centers and hospitals offer rehabilitation services to their patients or your health care team can help you find local rehabilitation services. Patients and family members should remain active and informed partners in the rehabilitation process and seek the services they need.

Cancer rehabilitation is a doctor-supervised program for people who have undergone treatment for cancer. It is designed to help patients return to activities of daily living. People who have survived cancer may have physical, emotional, and social issues that affect their quality of life, no matter what kind of cancer they have been treated for. Cancer rehabilitation programs can often improve function, reduce pain, and improve the well-being of cancer survivors.The goal of cancer rehabilitation is to help patients return to the highest level of function and independence possible, while improving the overall quality of life — physically, emotionally, and socially. These goals are often met by managing the pain,improving nutritional status,improving physical conditioning, endurance, and exercise performance, reducing hospitalizations etc.

  • Rehabilitation for head and neck cancer
  • Musculoskeletal impairments in cancer syndromes and their rehabilitation
  • Rehabilitation of Primary and Secondary CNS and PNS tumors
  • Breast Cancer and rehabilitation
  • Rehabilitation during chemotherapy

Cancer and Rehabilitation Conference Speakers