Cancer Biotechnology

Biotech played and will continue to play an essential role in Cancer, ranging from monoclonal antibodiesimmuno-oncology, CAR-T and everything in between. Cancer is a group of deadly diseases characterized by uncontrolled cell division leading to growth of abnormal tissue. it is also called as degeneration of one type of cell within an organism into something  .It is believed that cancers arise from both genetic and environmental factors that lead to aberrant growth regulation of a stem cell population, or by the dedifferentiation of more mature cell types.

The “traditional” ways to tackle cancer are chemotherapy (‘chemo’) and radiotherapy.  One big problem with these techniques, is the lack of specificity as chemo and radiotherapies are targeting cancer cells, but also healthy cells.


12.1 Immuno-Oncology

12.2 Cancer Drug Discovery

12.3 Cancer Drug Discovery

12.4 Cancer Management, And Prevention

12.5 Imaging in cancer

12.6 Organ Specific Cancers

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