Cancer Cell Biology and Cancer Biomarker

The cell is the basic unit of life. It is the littlest structure of the body fit for playing out the majority of the procedures that characterize life.

Each of the organs in the body, for example, the lung, breast, colon, and brain, comprises of particular cells that complete the organ's capacities, for example, the transportation of oxygen, processing of supplements, proliferation, considering etc.

Cancer cells have defects in normal cellular functions that enable them to separate, attack the encompassing tissue, and spread by method for vascular as well as lymphatic systems. These defects are the consequence of quality transformations and mutation and there caused by irresistible infections.

Biomarkers have various potential applications in oncology, including hazard appraisal, screening, differential investigation, assurance of visualization, expectation of reaction to treatment, and monitoring of progression of disease.

  • Genomic instability
  • Oncogenes and protoncogenes
  • Tumor suppressor genes
  • Epigenetics
  • Cancer stem cells
  • Virology and Cancer
  • Molecular tumor biomarker
  • Risk evaluation
  • Prognosis and treatment forecast

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