Cancer Drug Resistance & Cancer Vaccine

Resistance towards the cancer drugs is a challenge is a big issue today. Researchers are making progress on cancer treatment is 100% effective against cancers. But resistance of cancer drugs results from a variety of factors like somatic cell differences in tumors. most common reason for  resistance of anticancer drugs is expression of one or more energy-dependent transporters that detect and eject anticancer drugs from cells, but other mechanisms of resistance including insensitivity to drug-induced apoptosis and induction of drug-detoxifying mechanisms probably play an important role in acquired anticancer drug resistance.

Vaccines or vaccinations are medicines that help the immune system to recognize and destroy the cancer cells. Most of the cancer vaccine work in same way to treat the cancer. Cancer treatment vaccines are different from vaccines that work against the viruses. Different types of cancer vaccines are Antigen vaccine, Whole cell vaccine, dendritic cell vaccines, DNA Vaccines, anti idiotype vaccine .There are other types of cancer vaccines that are under clinical trials not yet approved in the US to treat cancer.

  • Combination Strategies in Immuno-oncology
  • Novel Biomarker
  • Discovery Clinical Trials, Biologics & Vaccines
  • Chemical Proteomics
  • Molecular Profiling Techniques
  • Targeted drug therapies

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