Cancer Immunotherapy

The main aim of integrating structural biology data into cancer research is to design and discover novel and effective drugs to cure the disease. Structural biology combined with molecular modelling mainly aims at drug designing. Today’s most encouraging cancer therapy is immunotherapy. These treatments stimulate the patient’s immune system to destroy his/her cancer cells. Some drugs recognize specific molecules on the surface of cancer cells while others can bind to immune cells to help them kill cancer cells. This can be done mostly in two ways such as

  •    Stimulating your own immune system to work harder or smarter to attack cancer cells
  •   Giving you immune system components, such as man-made immune system proteins

Consequently, many Structural Biologists are conducting cancer research, to speed-up the process of understanding the mechanism of biomolecules in order to improve the newer cancer therapies

  • Molecular mechanism of Cancer Initiation
  • Cancer Vaccines
  • Non-specific Immunotherapies
  • Oncologic drug targets

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