Cancer & infections

  • Epidemiology of infections in Cancer patients
  • Infectious Complications in Cancer patients
  • Advancements in the Management of Viral Infections
  • Adjuvants and their improvement issues
  • Clinical trails of influenza based vaccines
  • Bloodstream Infections in cancer patients
  • Infections in Solid tumor patients
  • Postsurgery Infections in Cancer patients
  • Influenza (Flu) infection in birds
  • Immunity in cancers and infections
  • Human papillomavirus (HPV) infections & cancer risks
  • Potential molecules to combat cancer & infections
  • Cancer associated fungal infections
  • Cancer associated viral infections
  • Cancer associated bacterial infections
  • Fusing/Anchoring of viruses in genetic material
  • Cancer drug effects on viral infected cells
  • Pathways of Infections-Cancers
  • Antibiotic effects on Cancer cells
  • Stem cells - bacteria - cancer
  • Stem cells - bacteria - cancer
  • Photosensitizers in treatment of Infections & cancers
  • Microbiota impact on Infections during Cancer Treatment
  • Helminths Infection associated Cancers
  • Non-oncogenic infections

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