Cancer, Malaria & TB Vaccines

Therapeutic cancer vaccines are administrated to cancer patients to eradicate cancer cells through strengthening patient's own immune responses. The various immune effector mechanisms of therapeutic vaccination i.e. it specifically attack and destroy cancer cells and spare normal cells. Thus cancer vaccines may be utilized to inhibit further growth of advanced cancers and/or relapsed tumours that are refractory to conventional therapies, such as surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Despite of many decades of intense research and development, there is no commercially available malaria vaccine till today. RTS,S/AS01 is the most advanced vaccines candidate against the most deadly human malariaP. falciparum. More than 20 other vaccine constructed are currently in clinical trials or are in advanced preclinical development. BCG is the only available TB vaccines. But, BCG is partially effective as it provides protection only against severe forms of paediatric TB, not completely protective against infants and adult pulmonary TB. Therefore there is an urgent need for new, safe and effective vaccines that prevent against all forms of TB.

  • Cancer immunoprevention
  • Therapeutic cancer vaccines
  • Preventive cancer vaccines
  • Oncoviruses & oncobacteria
  • Malaria Vaccines for Pregnants and Newborns
  • Novel Methods in TB vaccination
  • Tumour antigen

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