Cancer Pathogenesis & Etiology

At present, in the modern oncology the damage of the genetic apparatus of the cell is the primary cause of cancer, and the pathogenesis of cancer is seen as a process of transformation of a normal cell into a tumor cell, as evidenced by deep fundamental research of the pathogenesis of cancer, which is held exclusively at the cellular, molecular and genetic levels of the organism. It is accepted to distinguish three etiological causes of cancer and respectively, three types of carcinogenesis: chemical carcinogenesis (chemical carcinogens—benzopyrene, asbestos and over 800 chemicals) physical carcinogenesis (physical carcinogens—ionizing radiation, ultraviolet radiation, etc.), biological carcinogenesis (biological carcinogens—viruses, bacteria, fungi). Unfortunately, cancer process is still unmanageable due to the lack of systemic representations about the true pathogenesis of cancer. Paradoxically, but unabated scientific research continues to withdraw beyond the scope of understanding of the nature of cancer, deepening the gap between science and clinical practice.

  • Epidemiologic Factors-Pre Diposing, Chronic Non-neoplastic and Hormonal Factors
  • Chemical Carcinogenesis
  • Physical Carcinogenesis
  • Infectious Pathogens
  • Tobacco Related Cancers
  • Alcohol Induced Cancers
  • Obesity Induced Cancers

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