Cancer Studies: Drug Delivery and Chemistry

Research in Drug Design encompasses the entire spectrum from Bench to Bedside, with the aim of enabling the delivery of novel, safe, therapeutics to patients, leading to an increase in Health and Well being within the general population. Our multi disciplinary approach draws together world leading researchers from across the globe, coupled with strong collaborations with academic partners and the Pharmaceutical sector. Such partnerships allow us to develop novel approaches to the design and isolation of novel therapeutic agents, their testing within in silico and in vitro models, and ultimately the translation of such research into clinical practice.


Current Research

• The development of novel therapeutic agents derived from natural plant products

• The use of '-omic' level measurements, coupled with in silico modelling, to develop systems-level understanding of cellular response to chemical challenge

• Nuclear Receptor Biology and their role in coordinating cellular response to chemical challenge. Special focus on the diseases of aging, including cardiovascular, metabolic and oncology

• The molecular mechanisms of DNA damage repair, with particular emphasis on their role in human degenerative diseases

• Breast, ovarian and prostate cancer research, developing both novel therapeutics and understanding the development of multiple-drug resistance phenotype within these diseases.

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