Cancer & Tumor Immunology

A major focus of recent studies in cancer medicine is that the immune microenvironment.Multiple cells and molecular interactions inside the expansion microenvironment inhibit malignant tumor immune responses.These cells embody restrictive T cells and myeloid-derived suppressor cells that accumulate in tumors. Each cell kinds suppress cytotoxic T-cell responses that threaten tumors with destruction.Tumor medicine has emerged as a certain discipline relatively recently, and entirely upon the idea that just about all adult tumors arise inside the setting of chronic inflammation, tumor-associated antigens sq.measure immunogenic, and immune responses to element area unit detectable in most tumor-bearing hosts. Though rare, spontaneous cancer regression happens in humans, e.g., in patients with carcinoma and nephritic cancer, and accommodative and innate immune responses can eliminate abnormal cells.


  • Cancer Immunology & Immunotherapy
  • Cancer therapeutic resistance
  • Antitumor Effector Cells and Regulation of Tumor Immunity
  • Pathobiology of Immune System Malignancies

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