Canned/Preserved Food Packaging

The rapid growth in working population in developing economies has increased the demand for instant food products across the globe. People, nowadays, have no time to cook, which has resulted in an increased dependence on canned preserved food, as they are rich in nutrients and do not require cooking. The increasing earnings of customers is also adding significantly to the rising demand for canned preserved food in the world.

Canned food is a good source of nutrients, especially for people having restricted funds or with limited access to fresh foods. Can linings prevent the interaction of a food with a can’s metal. Epoxy resin, made from polymers containing Bisphenol A, has been preferred for can coatings because it protects against metal corrosion and holds up to the heat extremes of sterilization. Canned foods play a significant role in international food market. Canned packaging foods can be saved for months in a very similar state to its original form. Canned meat is an on-going development toward cheap alternatives to chilled and frozen meat. As on one hand canned foods offers a long shelf life and low prices, while on the other hand it suffers from a poor consumer perception of its healthiness and taste quality.


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