Carbon Cycle and Carbon Footprint

The carbon cycle is the circulation and change of carbon back and forth between living things and the environment. Carbon is a component, something that cannot be broken down into a simpler substance. The sum of carbon on the earth and in Earth's atmosphere is fixed, but that fixed amount of carbon is dynamic, continuously changing into different carbon compounds and moving between living and nonliving things. The term carbon footprint is characterized as the amount of carbon (more often than not in tonnes) is being radiated by an organization, event, product or individual directly or indirectly. Everyone’s carbon impression is different depending on their area, habits and personal choice. People concerned with the environment and global warming usually try to reduce their carbon output by increasing their home's energy efficiency and driving less.


  • Coastal Carbon Budgets
  • Measuring oxygen to unravel the forest carbon balance
  • Mechanisms of Increased Terrestrial Carbon Uptake
  • Recent variability and trends in the global ocean carbon sink
  • Acidification and carbonate system
  • The ocean carbon cycle modelling of Ernst Maier-Reimer
  • Decadal predictions of the oceanic carbon sink: skills and challenges

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