Cardiovascular Rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation is a supervised program which  assist individuals endure heart attacks, percutaneous coronary and cardiac surgery procedures. Our all Cardiology Conferences tries to create some awareness against cardiac disorders by providing recent and advance information and analysis concepts research ideas given by eminent speakers. Usually the Heart rehab programs generally provide counselling and education services to assist Cardiovascular patients increase good shape, improve health, reduce cardiac symptoms and reduce the risk of future heart problems, including heart attack. The Cardiac rehabilitation team may include doctors (such as a heart specialist, a family doctor, and a surgeon), nurses, exercise specialists, occupational therapists and physical, nutritionists or dieticians, and psychologists or other mental health specialists. You must share queries and issues with the speakers. This will assist one to reach their aim. Cardiovascular medicine has had to move with the days, and in addition to improved surgical procedures and medicinal drugs.

Cardiac Rehabilitation is a secondary prevention programme, with exercise as the cornerstone of a comprehensive intervention which includes an educational programme, risk factors control and the patient’s voluntarily adoption of a healthy lifestyle to be kept for lifetime. The term cardiac rehabilitation refers to coordinated, multifaceted interventions designed to optimize a cardiac patient’s physical, psychological, and social functioning, in addition to stabilizing, slowing, or even reversing the progression of the underlying atherosclerotic processes and cardiac disorders.

  • Medical rehabilitation of cardiovascular disease
  • Traditional rehabilitation of cardiovascular disease
  • Psychological rehabilitation of cardiovascular disease
  • Organization and management of rehabilitation services
  • Rehabilitation of cardiovascular disease complications
  • Cardiac Electrophysiology

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