Care Practices in Dementia

Dementia patients need assistance and full time care as much as drugs. Some common care practices in dementia are assistance in food and fluid consumption, pain management, social engagement ensuring safety and security of dementia patients. Main aim of care practices is to ensure cut in hospitalisation and psychotropic drugs. Understanding patient’s mood changes, particular behaviour, speech problems and help in rectify them. Dementia patients need end of life care so qualified nursing staff is needed. Few care practices which are used are indoor and outdoor activities, visual and audio stimulation, art therapy. Care practices in dementia have been critical to partake in international dementia meetings. In need to evolve in dementia care world gathering and genuine talks on dementia care is required.

  • End of life care
  • Ensuring safety and security of dementia patients
  • Exercise promoting mobility and special diet for dementia patients
  • Visial and acoustic stimulation
  • Communication affects over dementia patients
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Social enguagement
  • Art therapy- quality of life
  • Telecare

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