Cell Free Biomarkers

Circulating biomarkers allow for the possibility of early, non-invasive detection of cancers. They also represent highly sensitive biomarkers of submissive disease and are capable of reflecting tumour affliction and cancer changing aspects. In the cancer biomarkers conferences, clinical, technical, and biological aspects of cell free biomarkers, and new technologies and techniques will be discussed. Special attention will be given to studies on clinical cases to further see the sights of the applications of these biomarkers and prospective of cell free biomarkers in disease diagnostics.

Circulatory biomarkers, precisely blood biomarkers have a wide area of research with development on various latest techniques, tools and tests for their detection and analysis, specifically aimed on targeted delivery.

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  • In vitro companion diagnostics devices
  • Medical devices
  • Commercialization of companion diagnostics
  • Strategies for Rx-Dx partnerships
  • Strategies for Rx-Dx partnerships
  • Choosing a platform for companion diagnostics

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