Cellular Immunology & Latest Innovations

The response to pathogens is composed by the complex interactions and activities of the large number of diverse cell types involved in the immune response. The innate immune response is the first line of defence and occurs soon after pathogen exposure. It is carried out by phagocytic cells such as neutrophils and macrophages, cytotoxic natural killer (NK) cells, and granulocytes. The subsequent adaptive immune response includes antigen-specific defence mechanisms and may take days to develop. Cell types with critical roles in adaptive immunity are antigen-presenting cells including macrophages and dendritic cells. Antigen-dependent stimulation of various cell types including T cell subsets, B cells, and macrophages all play critical roles in host defence.

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  • Autoimmunity & immuno-modulation
  • Delayed-type hypersensitivity or cellular immunity
  • Immunologic deficiency states and their reconstitution
  • Transplantation immunology
  • Non antibody immunity and recent innovations
  • Natural killer cell immunology
  • Non-malignant leukocyte Immunophenotyping
  • Malignant Leukocyte Immunophenotyping
  • Monoclonal antibodies development

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