Ceramic Engineering and Glass Engineering

Ceramic engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the science and technology which is used for creating the object from organic and inorganic materials. It combines the principles of physics, chemistry and Engineering. The ceramic engineering is mainly used for the production of ceramic teeth, ceramic bones and other fibre optics. It is used in various fields such as medicine, construction, electronics, military, optic fibres etc.

Glass Engineering is a hard substance which may be transparent or translucent substance that is easy to break. It is manufactured by fusion process. Glass is used in construction and as well as in architectural purposes in engineering. The engineering properties that possess by the glass is listed are Transparency, Strength, Work ability, U value and Recycle property


  • Modelling, Sensors, and Furnace Design
  • Refractories & Testing
  • Combustion
  • Environmental & Safety
  • Advances in Fusion and Processing of Glass Symposium Bioceramics and Medical Applications

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Ceramic Engineering and Glass Engineering Conference Speakers