Ceramics is nothing but it is made up of metal or non -metal compounds that are first shaped hardened and then by heating on. Generally ceramic word has been derived from   Greek   word “pottery” which has been part high temperatures of the ceramic world. Nowadays  ceramic  has become one of the most commonly used  name which includes glasses, advanced ceramics and cement  systems .The major types of ceramics has been defined in three types: 1.earthenware 2.Stoneware 3.Proacline.

  1. Earthen ware: It has been considered as the one of pottery. Which   has been used for the table ware and as well as the decorative objects and more over it has been considered as the one of the part of the ceramics. Moreover the clay has been heated under the temperature of 1000-11500c.
  2. Stoneware: In this phase the clay has been heated   above 1200c until it turned into a glass. Because stoneware is a non -porous  and glaze so it is applied only for the decoration purpose and more over it has been used for cooking, serving hot things .
  3. Porcelain:  It is very hard and translucent   white ceramic .It has been arrived in china around 1600bc and above 600AD.To make the porcelain small amounts of glass ,granite and some minerals are crushed in the white  clay.
  4. Bone china: which is easier to make harder to chip and   stronger than porcelain. It is made by adding ash from cattle bones to clay   feldspar minerals   and fine Silica sand.

Advanced ceramicmaterials has been used in day to day life   in the form of fridge magnets to increasing wide range of industries. In   medicine the advanced ceramics is also known as bioceramics which plays a vital role in bone substituents like knee and hip transplantations.


  • Elastoplasticity
  • Fracture Mechanics
  • Dimensional Analysis
  • Elastic Properties
  • Micromechanics

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