Cervical Cancer: Prevention and Early Detection

Several risks factors increase the chance of developing cervical cancer, which includes HPV infection, smoking, Immunosuppression, being overweight, long-term use of oral contraceptives, etc.,. HPV causes the production of 2 proteins known as E6 and E7 which turn off some tumor suppressor genes. This may allow the cervical lining cells to grow too much and to develop changes in additional genes, which in some cases will lead to cancer. Since the most common form of cervical cancer starts with pre-cancerous changes, there are 2 ways to stop or prevent  this disease from developing. One way is to find and treat pre-cancers before they become true cancers, and the other is to prevent the pre-cancers in the first place. Smoking develops squamous cell cervical cancer. Researchers have found cancer causing chemicals from cigarette smoke in the cervical mucus of women who smoke. One third of all cancer deaths in each year, are linked to diet and physical activity. Therefore to reduce the risk of developing certain types of cancers, its important to maintain diet and physical activity.

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