Chemometric optimization

Chemometric Optimization is used to develop models which can be used to predict properties of interest based on measured properties of the chemical system. Chemometrics is applied to solve both descriptive and predictive problems in experimental natural sciences and chemistry. In descriptive applications, the analytical properties of chemical systems are modeled to understand the underlying relationships and structure of the system. Predictive applications include modelling of chemical systems to predict new properties. The datasets are very large and highly complex, involving thousands of variables, cases or observations. Chemometrics are applied for method development and validation in chromatography. Also data interpretation can be very close when such methods are applied.

Chemometrics includes a set of optimization methods to study the underlying properties of compounds. This helps in ease in method development and quantification of chemical substances. Chemometric study also helps in validation of analytical methods. This area of chromatography is largely untouched but is now gaining interest.

  • Development and validation
  • Interpretation of analytical separations
  • HPLC trouble shooting

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