Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure and Diabetes

Cholesterol is used by the body in production of vitamin D, certain hormones and building healthy cells. High cholesterol level and diabetes are linked to each other as diabetes can disturb the balance between HDL cholesterol and LDL cholesterol levels. LDL particles in diabetic people tend to stick to arteries and can easily damage blood vessel walls. Glucose coated LDL remains in the bloodstream longer and may lead to the formation of plaque. Low HDL levels are seen in the people with diabetes. Both of these increase the risk of heart and artery disease. There is a direct link between high blood pressure and high cholesterol also. When the arteries become narrowed and hardened with cholesterol plaque, the heart has to force much harder to pump blood through them. As a result, blood pressure becomes abruptly high.

  • High Density Lipoproteins and Low Density Lipoproteins
  • Dietary Sources of Cholesterol
  • Impaired Blood Vessels
  • Circulatory Problems
  • Increase in the Amount of Body Fluids
  • Changes in Insulin Management
  • Lifestyle Changes to Lower Cholesterol

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