Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

COPD (ceaseless obstructive pneumonic infection) makes it difficult for you to relax. The two primary writes are endless bronchitis and emphysema. The primary driver of COPD is long haul introduction to substances that disturb and harm the lungs. This is normally tobacco smoke. Air contamination, concoction vapour, or clean can likewise cause it. Emphysema gradually pulverizes air sacs in your lungs, which meddles with outward wind stream. Bronchitis causes aggravation and narrowing of the bronchial tubes, which enables bodily fluid to develop. Around 24 million individuals in the United States have COPD.

Different signs and indications of COPD may include: Shortness of breath, particularly amid physical exercises, Wheezing, Chest snugness, Having to make a sound as if to speak before anything else, because of abundance bodily fluid in your lungs, A constant hack that may deliver bodily fluid (sputum) that might be clear, white, yellow or greenish, Blueness of the lips or fingernail beds, Frequent respiratory diseases, Lack of vitality, Unintended weight reduction , Swelling in lower legs, feet or legs.


Most instances of COPD can be anticipated by diminishing presentation to hazard factors. This incorporates diminishing rates of smoking and enhancing indoor and open air quality. While treatment can moderate declining, no cure is known. COPD medicines incorporate ceasing smoking, inoculations, respiratory recovery, and regularly breathed in bronchodilators and steroids.  A few people may profit by long haul oxygen treatment or lung transplantation.


  • Signs and Symptoms of COPD
  • Causes of COPD
  • Diagnosing COPD
  • Treatment and Medication for COPD
  • Treatment and Medication for COPD
  • Living with COPD
  • Not all COPD is the same
  • Management and Prevention of COPD

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