Climate Change & Coastal Stressors

Coastal Stressors: Physical, chemical and biological stressors are major components of the environment that, when changed by human or other activities, can result in degradation to natural resources. Coastal ecosystems the major threats to biodiversity are numerous, with climate stressors being well documented as a significant threat. This project aims to assess the impact of multiple climate stressors on biodiversity and coastal ecosystem service delivery, and in turn how these impacts affect the provision of ecosystem benefits and thus human well-being.

As a result of present population growth and development, coastal areas worldwide are under in-creasing stress. Coastal areas are key focal points for lifestyle and economy. Coastal management will be aimed primarily at local government, which is responsible for managing large areas of public coastal land and beaches, and preserving the qualities and amenity that make many of these areas so precious.

  • Coastal Biodiversity
  • Impacts of global change
  • Marine and Coastal Management
  • Coastal wetlands
  • Reef Resilience
  • Coastal Zones and Climate Change

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