Climatology is that the scientific study of climate, scientifically outlined as climate averaged over a amount of your time. This contemporary field of study is thought to be a branch of the region sciences and a subfield of geographics, that is one among the world sciences. Climatology currently includes aspects of earth science and biogeochemistry.  Surroundings models area unit used for a group of functions from examination of the stream of the atmosphere and climate structure to projections of future air. Climate science examines long-run patterns and trends whereas meteorologists examine short weather patterns and their impact, climatologists study long-run trends like natural process, water and ice levels, inclemency, flood and drought patterns, and their long-run, long-range impact on varied topographies and globally.

  • Atmospheric sciences
  • Pacific decadal oscillation (PDO)
  • Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation (IPO).

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