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There are many Clinical Application and Related Disorders with Transcriptomics. Clinical Transcriptomics focus on the understanding of the molecular basis of diseases through translational research. The key aspects include genome-wide gene expression analysis from human patient samples. These techniques can be used to detect transcriptome involved in Neurological Disorders employing technologies such as RNA-Seq, Cap Analysis of Gene Expression (CAGE) or small RNA sequencing. Neurological disorders like Huntington disease involves a DNA segment known as a CAG Repeats. It’s a tri-nucleotide repeats that appear multiple times in a row. A very novel technique called INsPeCT (INtegrative Platform for Cancer Transcriptomics), which allows users with basic computer skills to perform comprehensive in-silico analyses of microarray, ChIP-seq, and RNA-seq data.

Transcriptomics has a growing research in its clinical applications with major schools taking up it is a course like Karoliska Institutet, University of Bristol, University of Ferrara, Boston University School of Medicine and also being a part of major labs like SciLife Lab.

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2nd World Congress on Breast Cancer, September 19-21, 2016, Phoenix, USA; 2nd International Conference on Prostate Cancer and Treatment May 05-07, 2016 Chicago, USA; 2nd International Conference on Brain Disorders and Therapeutics October 27-29, 2016 Chicago, USA; 7th International Conference on Biomarkers & Clinical Research November 28-30, 2016 Baltimore, USA; International Allergy Conference March 29-30, 2016 Valencia, Spain; Neurobiology of Brain Disorders, August 7-12, 2016, Girona, Spain; Asian-Australasian Society for Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery Meeting 2016, March 1-April1, 2016, Cairns, Australia; Immunometabolism in Immune Function and Inflammatory Disease, February 21-25, 2016, Banff, Canada; 6th International Symposium on Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer, May 10-13, 2016, Montreal, Canada, 17th World Conference on Lung Cancer, December 4-7, 2016, Vienna, Austria.

Clinical transcriptomics is of great value for many autoimmune diseases. Drug discovery is the process through which potential new medicines are identified. It involves a wide range of scientific disciplines, including biology, chemistry and pharmacology. Neurological disorders are diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system. In other words, the brain, spinal cord, cranial nerves, peripheral nerves, nerve roots, autonomic nervous system, neuromuscular junction, and muscles.Nine neurologic disorders are known to be caused by an increased number of CAG repeats, typically in coding regions of otherwise unrelated proteins. INsPeCT (INtegrative Platform for Cancer Transcriptomics) allows users with basic computer skills to perform comprehensive in-silico analyses of microarray, ChIP-seq, and RNA-seq data. INsPeCT supports the selection of interesting genes for advanced functional analysis. 

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