Clinical Biomarkers

Biomarkers which are used for clinical resolutions are called clinical biomarkers. Clinical biomarkers along with providing an effervescent and significant methodology to understanding the range of many diseases with uses in judgmental and analytic epidemiology, arbitrary clinical trials, screening for drugs or disease diagnosis and prognosis. Well-defined as changes in the constituents of cells or body fluids, these clinical biomarkers offer the means for standardized classification of a disease and risk factors, and the can spread the base information about the underlying pathogenesis of the disease. The main studies in clinical biomarkers are done in the fields of oncology, drug discovery, disease diagnostics and pharmacogenomics.

  • Clinical biomarkers in diagnostics
  • Clinical biomarkers in oncology
  • Clinical biomarkers in drug discovery
  • Clinical biomarkers and pharmacogenomics
  • Clinical biomarkers and pharmacogenomics

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