Clinical immunology

It is the study of diseases that are caused by the disorders of immune system. It deals with studies of diseases caused due to disorders of immune system disorders i.e., abnormal growth of any cellular tissues of the system, hypersensitivities such as in asthma and other allergies, immune system failure. It also includes the diseases of other systems, where immune reactions play a vital role in the clinical aspects and pathology. It  has been broadly divided into two categories: Immunodeficiency is a category in which there is inadequate response attained by the immune system, whereas in the case of autoimmunity the host body itself attacks its own immune system.

The other disorders which effect immune system include diseases like hypersensitivities (such as in asthma and other allergies) that respond inappropriately to otherwise harmless compounds. Clinical immunologists also studies about the different ways to prevent the immune system's attempts to destroy allografts (transplant rejection).


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