Clinical Microbiology

 Clinical Microbiology is the field of medical science that deals with diagnosis, treatment, control and prevention of infectious diseases that are caused mainly by microorganisms.

Since all the microorganisms are not harmful to human beings, clinical microbiologists must be able to tell the transformation between normal microorganisms expected in a specimen and those causing an infectious disease. Day by day, more advanced microorganisms are getting evolved and being discovered and with their emergence they develop more and more resistance towards antibiotics. So accordingly they are cultured in an artificial medium in the clinical laboratories and then it is differentiated whether it belongs to bacteria or fungi or virus or parasite class of microorganism during the time of illness or during the time it gets activated in the host’s body.

  • Manifestations of Infection
  • Microbial Causes of Infection
  • Specimen Selection, Collection, and Processing
  • Microbiologic Examination

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