Clinical Neuroimmunology

 Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders serves as an indispensable resource for physicians interested in, and dealing with, this very complex and evolving branch of neurology.  This comprehensive title provides an introduction to basic neuroimmunology and principles of immunotherapy and also serves as a thorough guide to immune-mediated disorders of the central and peripheral nervous system, as well as other systemic disorders with a significant neuroimmunologic component..


In clinical neuroimmunology there are two principal ways in which immunology affects clinical practice. The first arises when clinicians ask for immunological tests to manage a particular patient. Some immunological tests have now become so routine that the facilities to carry these out have long been provided. It is obviously essential that physicians should be able, for example, to order tests for detecting auto-antibodies and for measuring serum complement levels. However there are many other tests, such as assaying blood lymphocyte subpopulations, whose practical value has not yet been 277 278 firmly established. It is desirable for research purposes that in some centres provision be made for assessing the value of such immunological tests in adequate numbers of patients..

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