Clinical Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Care

Clinical Pharmacy is the branch of pharmacy in which a PharmD graduate can provide the patient care that enhances the utilization of medicines and advances in well-being, health, and disease avoidance. Clinical pharmacists foster patients in all medicinal services settings yet the clinical pharmacy development at first started inside doctor's facilities and centres. Clinical pharmacists frequently work in a joint effort with doctors and other human services experts. Clinical pharmacists have broad instruction in the biomedical, pharmaceutical, socio-behavioural and clinical sciences. Most clinical pharmacists have a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and numerous have finished at least one years of post-graduate preparing as a general and additionally claim to fame pharma store residency.


  • Clinical & Community Psychology
  • Clinical & Health Informatics
  • Clinical diagnostic & therapeutics
  • Clinical development of new drugs from natural sources
  • Clinical Neuropsychology & Counselling Psychology
  • Clinical and pharmaceutical practice
  • PET Clinical applications & Development

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