Clinical Supply Management

The value of some study drugs can reach tens of millions of dollars, making it essential to avoid overproduction, oversupply, and inventory expiration.  With the high costs and strict handling requirements for many biopharmaceutical products entering clinical development, the logistics of clinical trial supplies are more critical than ever. Expert management begins with the clinical trial supply strategy, and ends with returns and destruction. Integration and coordination of many third-party vendors and technical systems is needed to verify that study drugs are available in sufficient quantity and quality at the various stages of clinical distribution. Clinical supplies management provides full traceability of drug supply from manufacturing to dispensation and destruction - making it a key factor in study success, as it avoids information gaps and reduces risks such as out of stock or expiration.

  • Effective tracking, managing and distributing clinical supplies
  • Tech tools for tracking and tracing clinical supplies
  • Direct-to-Patient distribution: Meeting the patient’s needs
  • Patient centered clinical trial material design and delivery
  • Patient centricity and clinical supply
  • Innovative supply management strategies
  • Considerations for managing clinical supplies

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