Coinfection: Multi Pathogen Infectious Diseases

Coinfection: Multi Pathogen Infectious Diseases is the simultaneous infection of a host by more than one pathogen species or more virus particles. Prevalence of coinfection among humans is anonymous, but it is of particular human health importance, since pathogenic strains able to cooperate within the host and coinfection results have negative effect on human health. Positive parasite interactions leads to disease transmission and progression are enhanced and this is known as syndemism, negative parasite interactions allows microbial interference, one bacterial strain overthrow the virulence or colonisation of other bacterial strain. 

  • Co-infection of gut pathogens
  • Strategies to develop broad spectrum vaccines
  • Plant enzymes against multiple infections
  • Metagenomics for multi pathogen infections
  • Ecology of multi-host pathogens of animals
  • Novel therapeutic approaches against multiple pathogens
  • Multi-pathogen waterborne community
  • Population dynamics of multiple pathogenic infectious disease
  • Multi-pathogen detection respiratory tract infection
  • Evolutionary and Epidemiological Implications of Multiple Infection
  • Statistical Inference for Multi-Pathogen Systems
  • Agent Based Models For Infectious Disease Transmission
  • Agent Based Models For Infectious Disease Transmission
  • Diagnosis of multiple pathogens
  • Analysis of coinfection of food web
  • Anaplasmosis
  • Bacteriophage coinfection
  • HIV-TB coinfection
  • HIV-HCV coinfection
  • Trichuriasis
  • Hookworm-malaria coinfection
  • Chikungunya and Dengue coinfection
  • Dengue and HIV coinfection
  • Chagas and HIV coinfection
  • Mansonella perstans
  • Positive coinfection
  • Negative coinfection
  • Polymicrobial infections

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