Community Primary Care

Community-Oriented Primary Care (COPC) is a systematic process for identifying and addressing the health problems of a defined population. It can be implemented with the resources available in most communities. In COPC, a team of health professionals and community member’s work in partnership over a long period, diagnosing and treating a community in much the same way as does a primary care physician with an individual patient.

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Primary care practitioners are not required in every project, and they are usually too busy to lead such an effort, but they must be involved. Family medicine, with its emphasis on comprehensive care of patients, embraces the concept of care of the community. The basic concepts of COPC were initially implemented in South Africa during the early 1940's by Sidney and Emily Kark with the creation of community health centres. These centres promoted a reorientation of health services at the community level through a unique linkage between individual clinical care and public health.

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