Computational biology & Metabolomics

This field is gaining importance in various research fields like Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence for developing algorithms. It is used in developing bioinformatics software and tools for drug designing, molecular simulations, drug discovery, molecular modelling and numerous biological databases. Subfields related to this topic are computational immunology, computational pharmacology, computational neuroscience, computational cancer biology etc. Bioinformatics and computational biology are interconnected disciplines allowing computational methods to analyse biological data and develop algorithms and analytical methods by acquiring knowledge from various disciplines like computer science, physics, statistics etc.

Metabolomics is outlined as the ample analysis of metabolites in a biological specimen, thus is an embryonic technology that holds potential to inform the drill of precision medicine. The objective of precision medicine is to design disease prevention and clinical care approaches taking into depiction individual variability in environment, lifestyle, genetics, and molecular phenotype. Metabolomics presents a significant analytical confront because, unlike genomic and proteomic methods, it aims to measure molecules that have disparate physical properties.


  • Data mining and Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Neural Networks
  • Clinical Metabolomics
  • Mass spectrography
  • Metabolic Modelling
  • Chromatography
  • Metabolomics & Pharmacology

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