Computational Biology & Next generation sequencing

Next Generation Sequencing is used to rule the primary structure of an unbranched biopolymer it results in a symbolic linear depiction known as a sequence which succinctly summarizes much of the atomic-level structure of the sequenced molecule. Computational molecular Biology, which comprises many aspects of bioinformatics tools, is the science of using biological data to improve modes or algorithms to understand biological systems and relationships. Next generation sequencing works by reading the nucleotide sequences at the single cell molecule level, in contrast to existing methods that need breaking long strands of DNA into small segments then inferring nucleotide sequences by synthesis and amplification.



  • Computational Biomodeling
  • Protein Structure, Function and Interaction
  • Cancer computational biology
  • Enrichment and Experiments of Next generation
  • Genome assembly and Bioinformatics
  • Techniques and tools in Clinical Genetics
  • Statistical Applications in Computational biology

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