Computational Structural Biology

 Computational structural biology has made tremendous progress over the last two decades. Computational structural biology has impact on protein structure prediction methods, macromolecular function and protein design, and key methods in drug discovery. It also addresses the computational challenges of experimental approaches in structural biology. Computational Structural Biology aims at establishing bio molecular sequence-structure-function relations using fundamental principles of physical sciences in theoretical models and simulations of structure and dynamics. After the advances in complete genomes sequencing, it became evident that structural information is needed for understanding the origin and mechanisms of biological interactions, and designing/controlling function. Computational Structural Biology emerged as a tool for efficient identification of structure and dynamics in many applications. Major research topics include protein folding, protein dynamics with emphasis on large complexes and assemblies, protein-protein, protein-ligand and protein-DNA interactions and their functional implications. Drug design and protein engineering represent applications of note. Computational structural biology studies aspects of bio molecular structure and dynamics by means of computational methods. The group's focus is on tool development for bio molecular structure determination, prediction and modeling. 

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