Condensation Polymers

Condensation polymers are any kind of polymers formed through a condensation reaction—where molecules join together—losing small molecules as by-products such as water or methanol, as opposed to addition polymers which involve the reaction of unsaturated monomers. Types of condensation polymers include polyamides, polyacetals and polyesters.

Condensation polymerization, a form of step-growth polymerization, is a process by which two molecules join together, resulting in loss of small molecules which are often water. The type of end product resulting from a condensation polymerization is dependent on the number of functional end groups of the monomer which can react.

Examples of naturally occurring condensation polymers are cellulose, the polypeptide chains of proteins, and poly (β-hydroxybutyric acid), polyester synthesized in large quantity by certain soil and water bacteria.

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