Control and Mechatronic Systems

The challenge lies in making the Control System accurate (precise), fast and yet robust and flexible. The “2nd World congress on Automation and Robotics” is an initial effort to address all areas towards Control and mechatronics systems. Due to technology development, the industry operating structures also highly increased where they totally decreased the man power and highly increased the machine powers. This is very effective to save more range of resources like man power, time and money as well. While analyzing the current market status it clearly discloses that more than 65% of industries has totally remodeled few of their work structures from normal manual state to mechatronic and automation structure. This means the more number of industrial automation systems were highly introduced within the industries.

This track deals about various control process and mechatronic systems, which mainly focused on Motor drives, Vehicle automation, Dynamics and control, Intelligent mechatronics, Industrial wireless communications in mechatronics, Machine vision system. Specialized frameworks, be they purchaser items or mechanical frameworks for procedure and generation control, have an expanding requirement for clever control. By developing mechanical arrangements with sensors and hardware there are abundant potential outcomes to make new capacities, as well as make these new arrangements powerful and apply to quality and wellbeing necessities, cost decreases and natural requests. The test lies in making the control of these frameworks (exact), quick but then vigorous and adaptable.

  • Motor drives
  • Vehicle automation
  • Dynamics and control
  • Intelligent mechatronics
  • Industrial wireless communications in mechatronics
  • Machine vision system

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