Control Systems

When a traditional feedback control system is closed via a communication channel, which may be shared with other nodes outside the control system, then the control system is called a Networked control system. An NCS can also be defined as a feedback control system wherein the control loops are closed through a real-time network. The defining feature of an NCS is that information (reference input, plant output, control input, etc.) is exchanged using a network among control system components (sensors, controllers, actuators, etc.,). Network controllers allow data to be shared efficiently. It is easy to fuse the global information to take intelligent decisions over a large physical space. They eliminate unnecessary wiring. It is easy to add more sensors, actuators and controllers with very little cost and without heavy structural changes to the whole system. Most importantly, they connect cyber space to physical space making task execution from a distance easily accessible.

A hybrid control system is a control system where the plant or the controller contains discrete modes that together with continuous equations govern the behaviour of the system. When the discrete parts are within the controller it is often in the form of a scheduler or a supervisor. A limiter or a selector can also be viewed as a discrete part of the controller. The process itself can also have discrete modes. Hybrid controllers are a special class of nonlinear controllers. They are not restricted by some of the limitations always present for linear systems. Sometimes hybrid control methods can be used to achieve better performance than the limitations in the next section say is possible for linear systems.
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