Conventional Treatments for Obesity

Ayurvedic Tretment :

The Ayurvedic approach to drugs in general is quite different from what we've been used to. Herbal supplements can be of great benefit in weight control without the negative side effects of conventional drugs. With the diet therapy alone, the treatment of obesity is incomplete. Diet can avoid the further possibilities of obesity, but the fat has to be treated and the defective metabolism must be corrected, which is done by Ayurvedic medicines. These medicines improve fat metabolism in an obese individual. Once a person's metabolism is correct it is easy for him to maintain his weight.

Homeopathy Treatment for obesity :

Obesity is one big health issue that is a reason for distress for people of all age groups. If the popularity of slimming centers and continued patronage of weight loss pills and diet plans is any indication, then obesity is a huge problem

Top 5 Homeopathic Medicines to Lose Weight

·         Calcarea Carbonica

·         Natrum Mur

·         Lycopodium

·         Nux Vomica

·        Antimonium Crudum

Unani Treatment: 

Obesity is the vital nutritional or the metabolic disorder where the percentage of fat tissue (adipose tissue) increases disproportionately owing in imbalance of energy intake and energy expenditure. 

One gram of Luke –e-Maghsool may be taken with water in the morning for getting positive impacts for obesity. This is an effe

Obesity and Lac (Luke –e-Maghsool)

ctive Unani medicine for obese people.

Obesity and Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is quite effective for obesity patients. 5-10 ml of lemon juice is mixed with one glass of water and should be taken on empty stomach in the morning. The mix is very useful for melting of adipose tissue from the body as well as weight loss. However, it is recommended to take the above mix once a day, otherwise, the person may experience loose motion or some digestive problems.

Obesity and Jawarish Kamooni Kabir

This unani medicine may be taken 4-6 gram twice a day, are found useful for obesity patients.

Majoon -e- Muhazzil

10 gram  of it may be taken at the bed time. This is good in minimizing of fats from the body.

Majoon -e- Muqil

It is recommended to have 10 gram of this useful Unani product at the bed time. This is beneficial for obesity patient.

Obesity is a condition of the body, characterised by over-accumulation of fat under the skin and around certain internal organs. Sthaulya is the ayurvedic term for it. It is often referred to as Medoroga, as the medas or fat is the main cause for this condition. According to Ayurveda, there are seven basic tissue elements in the human body known as dhaatus. These are present in every human body in a particular proportion, and any change in their equilibrium leads to diseases. Fat or the medas is one of these seven dhaatus. Like other dhaatus, medas also serve many purposes. The most important one being, it helps to create and maintain body heat, without which life would be impossible. It also acts as a cushion to protect the deep, delicate organs and tissues from shock, injury etc. Besides these factors, it is essential in filling up many hollows, rounding out the sharp angles of the skeletal structure of the body, by bringing about distinctive lines and curves so fundamentally necessary to a beautiful form. 

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