Cosmetic & Reconstructive Gynecology

Reconstructive Gynecology, in its broadest sense, synonymous with plastic surgery. However, reconstructive gynecology is comprehended as the utilization of surgery to re-establish the structure and function of the reproductive organs, which does exclude artistic or cosmetic surgery. For instance, plastic specialists, maxillo-facial specialists and otolaryngologists do reconstructive surgery on face after injury and to remake the head and neck after cancer. Different branches of medical surgery (e.g., general surgery, gynecological surgery, pediatric surgery, cosmetic surgery, podiatric surgery) likewise play out some reconstructive procedures. The basic element is that the task endeavors to re-establish the anatomy and functions of the body part to normal.

Reconstructive surgery specialists utilize the idea of a reconstructive ladder to manage complex injuries. This extent from exceptionally basic strategies, for example, essential conclusion and dressings to increasingly complex skin grafts, tissue extension and free folds.

Cosmetic gynecology methods incorporate breast enlargement, reduction and lift, just as tummy tuck (abdominoplasty).

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