Cost-benefit issues, and ethics in precision medicine

There may be a big benefit to treating people with personalized but better health outcomes for them will arise at a big cost. That's because it is very expensive to screen patients for such tailored treatments and to create medicine that targets individuals or narrow groups of patients. Numerous precision treatments are more costly than conventional treatments. There are numerous costs related with the situation of an end-to-end surveillance system, encircling People enrolment and screening ,Stratification (including genetic sequencing) and personalization, which include accumulating, recording, curating, storing and sharing data through the health system ,Involvement, managements and drug development and tailoring, which include novel methods to treatment (dosage, formula, protocols), novel targeted drugs for individuals with identified biomarkers, and novel drugs for those who are not reactive to existing ones, Prescription – distribution of up-to-date medical information ,Patient adherence and treatment monitoring. Many of the ethical and social issues related to genomic and precision medicine have existed since the onset of genetic testing. With increasing engagement and awareness of patients and the public, both groups whom are recruited for studies, as well as the growing understanding of the clinical significance of personal genomic and genetic information, the issue continues to remain at the forefront of ethical debates and policy discussions.


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